Saturday, 24 November 2012

Punch Art Card

I had made a card for a friend of mine at work recently who's grandfather was sick. Her and I have made some cards together in the past and there was one her grandmother had really liked, so I made another similar card for her and as a result some other co-workers saw it. This brought on a request for what I consider to be my first commissioned card. I had someone who wanted a Christmas Card for her vet so something with a dog or paw or something was her request. Well I didn't have any stamps that would work for this so I started thinking outside the box a bit and then remembered I'd seen some punch art dogs out there, I used those for inspiration and came up with this cute card. It's going to be hard to part with. I'm sure she'll love it though.

I know I promised to upload some cards I did with the one sheet wonder I did and I will do my best to get these posted either later today or tomrrow. Hope you can enjoy this cute little guy for now.

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