Saturday, 21 May 2011

Floating Re-inker Technique

I learnt how to do this technique this past week at my Upline's house. I love this technique and had just received a package of shimmery white cardstock in my order and knew that I had to play with it. I used the rose from 5th avenue floral, stamped it in craft white ink and then used clear embossing powder on it. Heat it with your heat tool until all the embossing powder has melted. You'll need a spray bottle with water in it, spray it generously so that the water is actually dripping off. The more water the better as this helps to float the color. Once your done spraying it your ready to use your aqua brush and reinkers, for mine I used pretty in pink, pink pirouette and so saffron. I am still very limited in my reinkers so used what I had. As you can see this color combination worked well. After I was done to speed up the drying process, I dabbed at the excess water with a corner of a paper towel and then used my heat tool to finish drying it. Then cut out the image by hand.

Here's my finished card. I'd love to hear your comments.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

MDS Layout

I did this layout a couple of days ago and was really hoping I'd have some time and energy to get a card or paper layout done over the weekend, but so far it doesn't look like it's going to happen. I had a super busy week this past week, and it's been tough finding time for myself. This weekend the nice sun has decided to come and pay us a visit and so I spent the afternoon outside weeding, and unfortunately paid the price afterwards as my allergies were acting up. I had a nice 2 hr nap before dinner and I was lucky enough to wake to dinner being ready. A nice yummy steak dinner, no complaints here.And tomorrow I am volunteering at a Special Olympics fundraiser where my daughter will be one of the athletes present. We're hoping the day is a huge success.

Here's the layout I did, the pics were all taken on Easter Sunday at my moms place.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Last nights creation

I was working on getting some really old pics scrapped last night, by old I mean approx 15 yrs old. They are of my oldest daughter with my dad. It was funny while I was working on them, my little guy who's 8yrs old was watching what I was doing and asked who was in the picture. I asked him who it looked like, and he answered Grandpa, but he looks younger and still has holes in his hair.The holes in the hair refers to Grandpa's bald spot. I chuckled as I thought he was too cute. I love these moments and try to record as many as possible, they grow up far too quick.

The DSP used in this one is retired and I bought it off the clearance rack, if your interested in checking out my clearance rack go to Shop Now