Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My newest addition to my scrapbooking room

I have been wanting a shelf for just my cardstock for quite some time now, I've seen some people who have had wonderful shelves for storing their cardstock by color and laying it flat the way it should be stored. Unfortunately I had not been able to find anything affordable so I had to make due with what I was able to find. Well up till this past weekend anyways. I was lucky enough to have one built for me. Who built it for me? Well that would be my wonderful boyfriend. He built it, but I had to paint it. The shelves themselves have not been painted yet as the actual framing for it with the slats for each shelf took me almost 8 hrs to paint and let me tell you, my arms were so sore afterwards. But the end result was worth it. The shelvs will wait till next summer to get painted, and I think I might just spray paint them and make my life a little easier. Well I know your dying to see it, so here it is, this is it before I painted it and no shelves yet.
The next picture is of the framing and slats all nicely painted and the shelves before I aded all my paper.
And the final picture shows all my cardstock nicely sorted :)


  1. OMG thats wonderful....will he make me one :) I'm having such a hard time finding something for my paper too. Awesome shelf!!

  2. It's too bad that Sheri does not offer a way to contact her for questions. I've searched and searched. I do not see a way.